Hilltop Family Christian Academy

Academics at HFCA

At Hilltop Family Christian Academy we pride ourselves on achieving the highest academic outcome for each of the learners. While Jesus remains our foundation, education is our goal. We believe that academic excellence is a way in which we as a school honor God in all we do. For more information about our phases please select the links below.

Academic Phases

Pre-K 4 - 5th Grade

Hilltop Family Christian Academy enables the curious minds of young learners to grow, expand and be molded by our academically qualified teachers. The teachers encourage questions, create space for discussion and give expert instruction in all subject matters. We uphold and identify that each child is unique. We therefore strive to hold to the gifts and talents each learner has while expanding their field of experience to try new things and be open to different challenges. It is in these formative years that each learner will be shaped into who they could ultimately become in the future. Let us journey with you to create influential leaders within society and the world at large.

We will launch with grades Pre-K 4 – 3 only. 

6th - 8th Grade

Middle School for many is confusing and challenging. New discoveries and new obstacles need to be overcome, all the while maintaining academic excellence and being a part of the school culture. At Hilltop Family Christian Academy we strive to connect and relate to each of the learners in this time of their life, giving counsel and guidance when needed, while encouraging them to achieve greatness in their school career. Hilltop Family Christian Academy will walk with you and your child every step of the way.

9th - 12th Grade

Much of a child’s development is complete by the time they reach High School. We find learners have and are developing their critical thinking capabilities, asking profound questions, and in a very general sense know what they want. Hilltop Family Christian Academy continues to encourage the development of critical thinking in their subject matter. The academically qualified teachers have developed methods and means to engage these learners to draw them out beyond themselves into the greatness we wish to see. This last phase becomes the most vital phase of some of their journey. As many look to college/university, work or life beyond school, Hilltop Family Christian Academy will enable them to crystalize their thinking and make great choices for their future.

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